CAT Scan

A CAT scan (CT Scan – Computerized Axial Tomography) creates three-dimensional images of the body form. The scan consists of x-rays that have been taken from several different angles.  It creates cross-sectional images of several structures in the body and is used to detect abnormalities.  These abnormalities are found in internal structures , such as the organs, muscles, bones and soft tissues.  A CAT (CT) scan is a non-invasive procedure, which uses a small degree of radiation and is considered safe. 

During the procedure, that patient lies on a movable table, which is slipped into a doughnut-shaped CAT (CT) scanner.  This procedure usually takes from 15-30 minutes.

CAT scans are often used by a urologist to examine structures in the abdomen and pelvis.  CAT scans are a diagnostic tool that urologists use to detect and diagnose:  recurrent urinary tract infections, sources of blood in the urine (hematuria), kidney stones, renal cysts, masses and etc.

If you are scheduled for a CT scan without dye, you can eat or drink with no restrictions.  This test usually takes about 15 minutes.

If you are scheduled for a CT scan with an iodine-based dye, called contrast, you are asked to refrain from eating four hours prior to the procedure, but we do want you to drink a lot of fluids so that you are well hydrated.  The contrast is given through a vein (IV).  The contrast allows the doctor and the radiologist to see structures and organs more easily.

If you have any questions regarding your scheduled CT scan, please call our office at 903-262-3900 today.  Our CT scan is located at our 911 South Beckham location (next to the Olympic Plaza).