Insurance and Financial Information

Our physicians are providers for most major insurances.  HMO insurance always requires authorization from your primary care physician prior to your visit with us. It is your responsibility to get that authorization before your visit.

Always bring your insurance card(s) and drivers license with you to each appointment.  All patients are required to pay their deductible, copay or percentage amount at the time of each visit.

We accept assignment from Medicare, you will be responsible for your 20% of the charges and your $147.00 annual deductible.  However, if you have elected to choose a plan other than standard medicare, call your insurance company prior to your visit to determine if the doctor is in the plan.  If a referral is needed it is your responsibility to obtain it prior to the visit.  You are also responsible for informing us of any supplement to medicare you may have.

For those patients who are uninsured, the average charge for the first visit is $400.00.  We accept cash, check, MasterCard, Visa and Discover.  Please come prepared to pay for all charges on the first visit.  Since we are a specialist, many times more tests or treatment is needed.  If payment arrangements are needed, please contact our business office at (903) 262-3900 prior to the test or surgery.

At the time of your first visit it is requested that you sign a form acknowledging that I am ultimately responsible for the bill regardless of what insurance pays.