Phone Call Policies

Calls during the regular business hours are always answered by one of our staff members. We do not have voice mail so you will always speak to someone who is qualified to help you with your individual needs.

If you call to speak with your physician or the nurse, please understand that circumstances may not allow this at the time of your call. Please leave your name and contact number with the receptionist so your call may be returned that day. If your call is not urgent, please let the receptionist know. Once your message has been left, repeated phone calls will only slow down our ability to respond.

When needing a refill on a prescription, please call your pharmacy during regular business hours. If you should call the office to request a refill, please give us your name, doctor’s name, date of birth, and name of the medication. If a refill is appropriate, your prescription will be called in within 24 hours. Please do not wait until you are completely out of your medication to call for a refill.